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Two Race ski moulds fabricated by Alan of PRO DESIGNS producing the skis as set out below. Both skis having been successful, gaining many first places including National Singles Title. The moulds are ready to manufacture and are built to a high standard having produced in excess of 200 skis.


The 1st. photographed race ski is the faster of the two in flat conditions. Though fast it still remains very stable both on flat water and surf, this is due to its low seating position. The mould is set to accommodate adjustable foot wells.

This mould has a n/o price of 1200


The 2nd. Photographed race ski is the larger of the two with more displacement. Still very stable and good in all conditions, including large surf. Again a low seat position allows stability to be achieved. The mould also accommodates adjustable foot wells.

This ski has a n/o price of 2100


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