Rescue Boards Construction

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Rescue Board Construction

The above cross section shows the quality material content which goes into the making of each Rescue Board. Apart from the shape and size, Junior Rescue Boards may have individual artwork from a choice of four pigmentation colours.

The main features are :

  • Custom shaped.
  • High strength epoxy laminate.
  • E-Glass laminates used for layups. Hybrid Carbon/Kevla mix can also be supplied as an alternative.
  • Resin top coat used as opposed to cheaper paint or lacquer.
  • Artwork applied to foam to reduce cosmetic damage.

Pro Designs are happy to share the workmanship that goes into every wave tool product. Please observe the construction of a Wave Ski in the Pro Designs workshop. This is similar to the steps taken in the construction of a Rescue Board.


Handcrafted wave tools designed by Alan Neighbour