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Rescue Services Surf Rescue Board

Rescue Board Prices start from 920 (VAT not applicable)

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Junior Training/Racing Boards

Junior Training Board
Price (8 ft): 830.00

VAT not applicable.
Any artwork included.
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Used by the UK leading Sea and beach rescue service and European sea rescue services. These boards come in two formats. The working rescue board built using hybrid laminates and a club board using a standard glass laminate. Either board of course could be used for both club or rescue work.

These Rescue boards are fast and stable designed primarily for surf rescue. The handler knee paddles or lies in the prone position, with the patient taking the forward position. The full sized Rescue Board (10ft 6in - 3.20m) may also be used as a competition or training board. Two hull designs are available, the Surf Oriented Rescue Board and the Still Water Rescue Board, both are capable of carrying several patients.

All boards are hand shaped to the customers requirements, not massed produced (see workshop this website). Surf Pro Designs having always designed their own coolite/EPS foam cores and are not governed by predetermined shapes set by other manufacturers in foreign lands. Only the very strongest, clearest Epoxy resins are used to laminate the glass or hybrid laminate to the shaped core. All stress, abrasion and high impact areas are reinforced, with the fin being laminated to the hull (though a fin box may be installed as an option). All rescue/training boards are then finished with a resin top coat giving a 100% sealed, UV protected outer coat. Unlike a sprayed lacquered or paint finish commonly seen on many boards today.

All artwork, additional logos or club colours etc. are placed under the resin top coat and are fully protected. Golden yellow is the regulation colour (though other colours can be accommodated) for rescue boards with Surf Pro Designs pigmenting the resin so the colour will not deteriorate or scratch during use.

Handle strap configurations are varied and will depend on the customers requirements. Material used is a UV protected, polyurethane encased nylon webbing which will not corrode or fray. All straps have a neoprene cover and the whole strap is then attached to the board by a machine button head, 6mm stainless 20mm screw, over a 20mm stainless washer, inserted into a fibre reinforced injection moulded 40mm plug, with a stainless 6mm insert.

Full length knee pads (no more sore feet) are made exclusively to Surf Pro Designs own specification and give much needed protection to the handlers knees.

Junior Training/Racing Paddle boards

Junior Training/Racing Paddle boards were first manufactured by Surf Pro Designs many years ago and may be used by younger riders (though they would easily support an adult) for surf rescue training or race training purposes. They are 8ft in length, though again Surf Pro Designs are not governed to specific parameters and are able to accommodate class governed measurements. Its worth remembering that the younger riders do have trouble controlling the larger rescue boards, and at club level the smaller rescue boards will save a great deal of wear and tear on the more valuable larger boards giving greater life to equipment.

  • Our own unique designs have evolved with input from head lifeguards all over the UK.
  • Among the lightest, most stable on the market whilst retaining strength and durability.
  • Your own artwork logo, incorporated at no extra cost. Please view other examples .
  • Extra long knee pads and all strap handles supplied.
  • All screw fittings in stainless steel.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.


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