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Surf Pro Design produce surfboards of all styles, Longboards, Shortboards and Kneeboards and everything in between. All are handcrafted and custom made only, not massed produced in some far off land. "The customer has built what they need, not buy what happens to be in stock".

If the customer is unsure of what they need, a friendly informative chat will inform Alan (the creator) as to the predetermined shape that's required. Alternatively you can use the free quote form at the top of this page

Custom shaped from a lightweight coolite/EPS or PU foam blank (the core) the first stage artwork is then applied.This will allow the artwork to be placed under the laminate, and be fully protected. Next, laminated with either Epoxy or Polyester resin, only the very strongest, clearest are used to laminate glass or hybrid (e.g.carbon/kevlar) laminates to that shaped core. Numerous filler coats and laminates are further applied along with detailed artwork as specified. The board then having it's final coat of resin is meticulously hand polished to a high gloss finish. No sprayed lacquer or paint finish here, this method of finishing (popular in todays surf industry) neither protects artwork nor stops water penetrating the sanded laminate over a period of time through capillary action.

Jersey, happy Xmas!

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  • Our own unique designed boards have evolved over to many years to remember along with feedback from local and sponsored riders.
  • Among the lightest on the market whilst retaining strength and durability. Remember if the board is light, built from conventional materials, its light because it has very little material content and will dent as soon as its used.
  • Meticulously built to your exact requirements using information you provide in our free quote form.
  • Your own artwork (whatever it is), incorporated at no extra cost. Please view other examples. Note: Chameleon Fire-Flake artwork is now available as an extra.
  • Any fin system available including traditional laminated fixed fins.

What ever your size, experience or ability, a Surf Pro Designs surfboard can be built for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries or complete the free quote form at the top of this page.


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